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Karici Diagnostics is a Montreal-based industrial Phytomics company that focuses on the discovery and development, with international partners, and production of novel plant-derived products for human health and well being using its unique Phytomics Technologies and Plant Product Discovery Platform.


KD is building a pipeline of proprietary and partnered products for the cosmetic, nutraceutical and pharmaceutical industries, thereby addressing the needs of multibillion dollar markets, based on major advancements in accessing one of the most productive sources of natural products: plants, through its Phytomics Technologies.


The Context


Significant technological challenges in obtaining, isolating and consistently producing required quantities of high quality plant products have kept this tremendous innovation source out of the mainstream of product discovery.


Furthermore, in their search for new products, the cosmetic and nutraceutical industries have been implementing biological testing systems to speed-up their discovery activities, and focusing on screening primarily natural extracts. However, it has been conclusively shown that traditional natural extracts are not compatible with modern biological discovery technologies.


The Solution


KD owns proprietary Phytomics Technologies that allow unprecedented access to, and reproducible supply of natural and novel plant products compatible with biological testing. To exploit its distinctive chemical capabilities, the Company also owns an efficient Plant Product Discovery Platform combining Phytomics and biological testing technologies to efficiently discover and develop novel plant-derived products.


KD’s ability to continuously generate a large number of novel, biologically active plant products addresses one of the major causes of the health industry’s current shortage of new product that has been explicitly linked to the scarcity of biochemical novelty. In addition, KD’s Phytomics allow efficient production of plant products at all scales, which answers the requirement for consistent and exclusive supply of high quality plant products and gives the Company a major competitive advantage. Phytomics do not risk becoming redundant and cannot be copied.

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